We maintain balance

We establish more comfortable and motivating spaces that foster collaborative work and we encourage a balance between family and work life and disconnecting from the job to contribute to improving the quality of life of our employees. Our efforts in this area have led to our being granted, for another year, certification as a Family-Friendly Company (EFR).

Flexible work

All the employees whose job characteristics allow it, can work remotely from home one full day, two afternoons or two mornings a week to support this balance. More than 400 people are now telecommuting.

18:30. Quitting time.

The team at our headquarters in Madrid is benefiting from the “Objetivo 18:30 initiative”, which promotes rationalisation of working hours and efficiency at work by establishing 6:30 p.m. as the limit time for leaving work. Additionally, at Mahou San Miguel, sending e-mails outside working hours is not allowed.

“Espíritu 10” is growing

With the aim of improving collaboration, flexibility and well-being at all levels, in 2018 we transformed a new space in our main headquarters in Madrid. We now have two floors of our building in which fixed workstations and offices have been eliminated. Informal meeting areas have been set up, and the use of digital tools is encouraged in order to advance towards the goal of having a paperless office.