If anything defines Mahou San Miguel, it is the talent of its professionals who, generation after generation, have made it a leading company in the sector for how it does things-for doing things well, without forgetting to enjoy itself along the way.

This is the maxim that guides the day-to-day work of a team of people who are at the centre of all the company's decisions and who carry out their work in an environment that encourages their well-being, promotes work-life balance, fosters their development, and guarantees equal opportunities.

All of that makes Mahou San Miguel the most attractive brewer to work for in Spain, according to Merco Talento 2018, positioning us among the 15 companies with the best ability to recruit and retain talent in our country.


A growing team

In 2018, we continued adding top talent to our team with 230 new hires. In our workforce, 95% of employees have a permanent contract and all of them benefit from a Remuneration Policy that ensures an appropiate remuneration system, as established in the different collective bargaining agreements and the Management System.

According to a recent study of all the Mahou San Miguel companies, if we consider the staff hired in the last six years, the salary gap between employees with equivalent responsibility levels and positions is positive for women (-4.0%), demonstrating the company's firm commitment to equality and the application of its principles in hiring. This commitment will gradually reduce the salary gap between men and women, which is currently 11.67%, due mainly of the greater seniority in the company of men and its impact on the different categories and professional levels.

Mahou San Miguel provides its team with multiple social benefits:

  • Medical service at all work centres
  • Full medical check-ups
  • Health workshop, fitness activities and mindfulness
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Telecommuting
  • More holiday than legal standard
  • Day-care vouchers
  • Días sin Cole programme to cover school holidays and assistance in paying for summer camp for employees' children
  • Shorter working day until children reach 12 years of age
  • Financial assistance for employees with disabilities or family members with disabilities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Pension plans
  • Insurance policies
  • Loans and advances
  • Meal tickets
  • Subsidised public and private transportation (car-pooling and parking)
  • Financial aid for education
  • Grants for school supplies for children

Additionally, we help our employees grow by giving them the opportunity to assume new challenges in the company. Last year, 110 of them were promoted to positions of greater responsibility. Along these lines, we have an ambitious training programme for profiles identified as having the greatest potential, which, in 2018, celebrated its third edition with 30 new participants. Of these, 56% have already received promotions.

Remuneration of the board of directors

During the 2018 financial year, the members of the Board of Directors have received a total of €3.9 million.

There are 12 board members: six legal persons (represented by three men and three women) and six physical persons (three men and three women):

No advances or loans have been granted to members of the Board of Directors.

Likewise, no obligations assumed on the behalf of the board members existed at the close of the financial year.

Our workforce in figures

3,177 employees






Under 20

21-30 251
31-40 847
41-50 864
51-60 972
Over 60

Executives and middle managers:

Technical, administrative and sales staff:
Workers: 1,102


with permanent contracts

3,042 permanent contracts

662 women and 2,380 men

100% of our employees are covered by a collective bargaining agreement

At Mahou San Miguel, we have nine company collective bargaining agreements, resulting from the application of the sector agreements to the rest of the employees. Collective bargaining agreements cover 100% of the employees subject to Spanish labour laws.

Number of employees per country

Our headquarters is in Spain and we have two subsidiaries:

Spain 3,030

India 122

Chile 25

49 employees with disabilities

3 women
2 with permanent contracts and 1 with a temporary contract

46 men
(all with permanent contracts)

Absenteeism rate


In 2018, there were 34 dismissals

6 Women
(all with non-permanent contracts)

28 men
24 with non-permanent contracts and 4 with permanent contracts

By professional category and contract type

Executive and middle managers

533 all permanent contracts

Technical, administrative and sales staff

1,542 1,515 permanent and 27 non-permanent


1,102 994 permanent and 108 non-permanent