valued partners


We help our customers grow

Our on-trade and off-trade customers are essential for successfully achieving all of our goals in a constantly changing environment. Accordingly, we work hand in hand with them and develop joint strategies that strenghten our position in the market and generate shared value.


In 2018, we dedicated €73,3 million to continue to strengthen our commitment to the trade-on sector, which has translated into different projects aimed at generating value in their establishments.

La Voz del Cliente

This new active listening initiative is enabling us to analyse and measure the satisfaction level of our on-trade customers. Likewise, it helps us to learn their needs directly so that we can offer them tailored solutions.

Improve profitability

Our online platform aimed at the on-trade sector is already in use by one out of five of our customers. With this tool, which offers training courses, content, promotions and tips for increasing business among other useful aspects, we help establishment owners manage their businesses, in addition to strengthening our relationships with all of them and supporting them in their day-to-day activities.

We colaborate in financing the on-trade sector

Since 2018, we have had a collaboration agreement with Banco Santander that allows us to offer our customers very favourable financing terms, with the possibility of having immediate liquidity for investments. The goal is to drive the growth of their businesses and innovation.