A sustainable value chain

We have a firm commitment to extending sustainability to the entire supply chain and to guaranteeing that our suppliers share our ethical principles and criteria for doing things well. To do so, we have propietary tools, like the Supplier Code of Conduct and the Supplier Portal.

Our Purchasing Policy, in addition to adhering to the principles established in the United Nations Global Compact, ensures that our collaborators pursue their activities within the framework of proven corporate social responsibility and business ethics, thereby promoting responsible purchasing.

At Mahou San Miguel we have diverse tools for monitoring our suppliers' compliance. The most important of these are Quality Agreements, materials specifications, facility audits, studies and implementation of improvement actions, monitoring of supplier behaviour and an annual supplier evaluation.

In 2018, we conducted 17 audits at the production centres of the suppliers of packaging materials and raw materials with satisfactory results. We also signed 24 Quality Agreements: 18 with suppliers of packaging materials and six with raw materials suppliers.

Avanzamos Juntos

Last year, we continued this programme targeting our key partners, in collaboration with the Spanish Network for the United Nations Global Compact.

Thus, more than 40 supplier companies participated in training activities on sustainability that will help them to promote responsibility mechanisms in their businesses and be more competitive.

Digitalisation of contracts

Our company's commitment to digitalisation is a transversal challenge that has represented a great leap in progress in our relationship with our suppliers, customers and distributors and which is closely linked to more sustainable management of our business.

In 2018, we implemented the digital contract through an electronic signature platform that will enable us to manage the yearly contracts we generate in an agile and secure manner. This has allowed us to reduce processing times and costs, optimise processes and reduce environmental impact.