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After 129 years offering the best beer quality, Mahou continues to innovate and surprise consumers with new premium options.


New products

Mahou Maestra Dunkel

Following the success of its Doble Lúpulo variety, Mahou expanded its Maestra range with this toasted, mildly bitter, large beer inspired by a recipe from 1890. It uses three types of selected malts and is brewed using the traditional process of triple decoction.

Mahou Cinco Estrellas Radler

The Cinco Estrellas variety launched its most refreshing version with the incorporation of natural lemon juice asan option for consumers looking for the unique timeless taste with a fresher touch.


Born in Manila in 1890, this is a brand with a strong adventurous spirit that has led it to become the most international of our beers, with a presence in more than 40 countries. Restless, innovative and in search of new horizons, San Miguel is and will always be a point of reference for the Spanish brewing sector.


New products

San Miguel Radler

Made with San Miguel Especial as a base and just the right proportion of natural lemon juice, it takes its place in our lighter range alongside San Miguel Fresca and our varieties with fruit flavours in the 0,0 range.


Originating in Granada and with 94 years of history, Alhambra is a brand with a deep personality that inspires and awakens our senses to fully enjoy its entire range in a leisurely fashion, inviting us to savour everything it has to offer.


New products

Numeradas de Alhambra

Three new propositions (Amontillado, Palo Cortado and Pedro Ximénez) made through an aging process in barrels that formerly held sherry for at least one year. This process make it so these liquids transmit nuances with a deeply Andalusian tradition. A differentiating and unique option in the market.

Edición limitada Granada

The Granada Brewery pays tribute to the citizens of its city of origin with the launch of 500,000 units of their genuine bottle from 1964.

REINA bloque3_foto6.4

A beer that originated in the Canary Islands, aimed at the youth market of the archipielago.

REINA bloque3_foto6.5

A leading North American brand in the international craft beer market. Founders offers genuine alternatives with strong personality.


The rebirth of a local Bilbao brand, with plenty to offer the national market.


New products

Cervezas con historia

Three 100% Bilbao beers, Sirimi, Txirene and Botxo, which will reach various points of Spain to bring all of the characteristic flavour of this brewer to consumers in other provinces. It is one of the first to be produced at the new Bolueta plant opened in 2018.


Made in our microbrewery in Alovera, these liquids fuse tradition and innovation with the aim of achieving flavours that excite their consumers.


New products

Cervezas de invierno

A new range of beers intended to be consumed and enjoyed in the autumn and winter months. Three varieties were launched; Prosapia, Ataraxia and Lum Wee Heavy. A proposition that offers very intense notes that recall some of the most typical products of the coldest days of the year, like coffee, caramel and dried fruits.

International beers

Our portfolio includes some of the most prestigious beers on the international scene. An offer that complements our Spanish varieties and creates an extensive range of alternatives for different moments of enjoyment.

New products

Mahou Maestra Wheat

We have taken another step in developing our business in India with the launch of the first Spanish wheat beer brewed and bottled in the South Asian country, one that has been specifically created to adapt to the tastes of the local consumer.

Mahou Maestra Wheat is already available in the state of Rajasthan, in Delhi, Haryana and Goa, and it will be rolled out to other regions of the country little by little.

TRIGO: our first craft beer in the United States

With our American partner, Founders Brewing, with whom we have been collaborating since 2015, in the United States we launched TRIGO, which was recognised with an international award at the Brussels Beer Challenge. This is a clean and fresh wheat beer with aromatic touches of American hops.

Mineral waters

A continuously growing sector where we not only continued developing our iconic Solán de Cabras brand and promoting Sierra Natural and Sierras de Jaén but also expanded our portfolio with new options to connect with the local market.



With the acquisition of 75.15% of Aguas del Valle de la Orotava, we incorporated the Fonteide brand, a leading water in the Canary Islands market with over 25 years history.

New range of functional beverages

With two launches in 2018 and plans for expansion in the coming year, Solán de Cabras is becoming consolidated as the leader in this segment by offering consumers a new way of hidrating themselves with a flavour plus and a functional aspect. Solán de Cabras Repair is a pomegranate-flavoured beverage with touches of red grape that contains vitamins B3 and B8. Solán de Cabras Defence, for its part, contains pink grapefruit juice and flavouring, natural jasmine blossom, and provides vitamins B6 and B12, which help promote good health.