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The challenge of continuing to innovate

As leaders, we are breaking new ground for the entire Spanish brewing sector through innovation, spurring the category to evolve and creating value for our customers, who are always at the centre of our strategy.

Pioneering brewhub in Spain

We have been working intensely for years to promote the craft world with the aim of incorporating the trends we detect in the market while also contributing all of our experience and know-how.

In 2018, we took another step by creating the first Brewhub in Spain, a collaborative space located next to our plant in Córdoba, in which different craft brewers from inside and outside our borders can share ideas and brew their beers, mainly for sale on the European market. It serves as an important meeting point for the craft segment.

Mahou San Miguel has invested €11 million in this project, equipping the facilities with state-of-the-art technology applied to the conception of beers from the design stage to bottling, which will enable the production of a wide variety of styles.

Innovation is one of the key growth levers included in our 2020 Strategic Plan. To boost its development, we have an Innovation Committee that acts transversally across all areas. We want our teams to internalise it in their work and for it to serve as a creative tool, not only coming up with new products but in all the processes that make up their daily activities.


In 2018, 4.8% of our net sales came from innovation, an area to which we dedicated €25,4 million, 23% more than the previous year.

Industry 4.0: innovation applied to our processes

Last year, we incorporated multiple technological advances in our plants, applying innovation for the improvement and efficiency of our processes.

Industry 4.0 has become a key ally for continuing to evolve. Thus, in 2018, we incorporated 3D printers for the design and production of spare parts and tooling implements at our plants, which resulted, in the first year they were used, a 60% cost saving. These devices also enabled improvements in our employees' response to incidents, thereby reducing supply times and increasing the availability of our facilities.

Moreover, we have incorporated augmented reality goggles in order to set up a remote help system with real-time communication between the employees of our production centres. This enables them to seek advice remotely increasing efficiency and optimising time and costs.

Since last year, we have also used a DJI Phantom 4 drone in our brewery in Alovera to prevent occupational risks.