Our commitment


Aware professionals

At Mahou San Miguel, we have a human team with great social and environmental awareness and that shares our values and commitment to society. This was demonstrated once again in 2018 with the participation of more than 500 company employees in the 28 activities we organised through the Volunteer programme of the Mahou San Miguel Foundation.

Our employees, accompanied by family members and friends, did their part by dedicating over 3,850 hours of their free time to contributing to preserving natural spaces and improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups in the areas where we operate.

Environmental volunteerism in Beteta

Nearly 60 Solán de Cabras employees participated in a day of environmental volunteer work in the vicinity of the Beteta water spring in order to restore the vegetation of the area by planting seedlings of native trees and shrubs. This initiative was carried out within the framework of the company’s collaboration with the Government of Castilla-La Mancha in the recovery of the riparian forest on the shores of the Laguna Grande del Tobar lake.

The solidarity of our team in Burgos

The team of the brewery in Burgos collaborated with the Arena Association by sending two pallets of staples for refugees in Lesbos (Greece). In parallel, €1,100 were raised to provide veterinary support for the dogs of the Civil Protection Service's Canine Rescue Unit, whose national base is located very close to our plant.

Taisa Logistics kicks off its volunteering plan

In 2018, our logistics operator kicked off its volunteering plan with a first action held at the Burrolandia Animal Protection Society. Over 80 people, both employees and family members, helped with facility maintenance and animal care tasks, the latter being handled by the youngest children.

We cleared natural spaces of rubbish during Sustainability Month

Also through our Foundation, and within the framework of Sustainability Month in June, we participated in a series of environmental volunteer workdays as part of the “1 m2 for nature” initiative in the Libera Project by helping to collect rubbish in various natural spaces. These actions are in addition to others like workshops and talks given to spread knowledge of concepts like the circular economy and recycling.

Solidarity Street Markets

In 2018, through the Mahou San Miguel Foundation, we organised six solidarity street markets in which our volunteers were able to raise nearly €30,000 that were distributed to the following entities: Apace Burgos, Asociación Vasija, Arrels San Ignasi, Asprogrades, Apsuria, Asociación Caminando, Bobath, Juan XXII, Prodis, Esperanza y Alegría, Aldaba, Gil Gayarre, Cáritas Málaga and Fundación A LA PAR.