Our commitment


Committed to sustainability: “Somos 2020”

In 2018 we launched our Strategic Framework for Sustainability, “Somos 2020”, a three-year plan to which we will dedicate €30 million and with which we hope to make ourselves an active leader in this area in the Consumer Goods sector.

This project embodies our firm commitment to sustainability, present in all of the company’s business areas and in our relationships with all of our collaborators, involving both management and each and every one of our employees.

In this way, we will be able to integrate sustainability in a more efficient manner, helping us to achieve better results in environmental protection, in the well-being and quality of life of citizens, in contributing to local communities, and in the way we promote and nurture talent.

“Somos 2020” includes 20 concrete and measurable objectives organised around three lines of action: “Somos Innovation”, focused on the development of more sustainable and differentiating products, services and experiences; “Somos Compromiso”, to create alliances that enhance people’s quality of life; and “Somos Talento”, through which we establish new ways of working with our collaborators. All of them are aligned with one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Equality, non-discrimination, care for the environment and protection of human rights are issues that must be addressed between all social stakeholders. That’s why, since 2017, Mahou San Miguel has been a member of the Spanish Network for the UN Global Compact with the aim of identifying the areas within the Food and Beverage sector in which to promote application of the SDGs to contribute to achieving the goals in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.




1. We will reduce our carbon footprint by 10%.

2. We will consume 100% green energy in all our work centres and promote energy self-generation projects.

3. We will reduce water consumption by 10% by 2025 and develop programmes to protect water resources in the environments where we operate.

4. 100% of our packaging and promotional materials will be designed using sustainability criteria: recycled, recyclable and reduced-grammage.

5. We will promote the reuse of materials until our containers contain at least 50% recycled PET, 70% recycled glass and 100% sustainable cardboard.

6. We will launch new products especially focused on the health and well-being of our consumers.

7. 80% of our employees will participate in company-sponsored programmes to promote health, happiness and emotional well-being.


8. We will continue to promote responsible consumption of our products.

9. We will promote a sustainable value chain by preferentially purchasing from local suppliers and by accompanying our customers in adopting sustainability practices in their businesses.

10. Our own vehicle fleet in the Spanish market will be 100% sustainable within five years.

11. We will support our distributors in their efforts to progressively incorporate sustainable vehicles.

12. We will prioritise employment of people from groups at risk for exclusion by providing training in the on-trade sector to over 1,100 unemployed youth through the San Miguel Foundation.

13. Our brands will promote initiatives that support people's social development and well-being.

14. We will promote environmental alliances to protect biodiversity and fire prevention in the areas where we operate.


15. We will create spaces in our workplaces for promoting a culture of collaboration, and we will establish digital tools that facilitate teamwork and transversal management.

16. We will hold co-creation workshops with all our key partners so that together we can address the challenges of sustainability across the entire value chain.

17. We will offer opportunities for young talent by ensuring that over 5% of new hires correspond to recent graduates.

18. We will commit ourselves in all our recruiting processes, whenever there are candidates of both genders, to pursuing equality when hiring talent.

19. We support the goal of having 25% of company employees, when their positions allow it, to work remotely by offering them tools for working flexibly.

20. We will promote internal mobility programmes so that 35% of our vacancies are filled with internal talent.



At Mahou San Miguel, we encourage an active lifestyle and promote responsible enjoyment of our products. That’s why each year we launch initiatives aimed at raising awareness and educating the consumer about the need for responsible consumption of our products, and we take part in the campaigns on this subject by Cerveceros de España.

To realise our commitment in this area, which we reflect in our Strategic Framework for Sustainability, “Somos 2020”, our employees, customers, distributors and consumers are our best ambassadors, transmitting moderate consumption principles in their daily work and through their example as part of their personal responsibility. These are the principles we share:


I enjoy the moments our products bring us. “I savour our products with other people, taking time to discover their nuances and to enjoy the moment”.


I lead an active life and consume alcohol in moderation as a way of taking care of myself. “I inform myself about the alcohol content of each product and consume the recommended amounts, spacing my drinks out over time”.


I inspire through my example and attitude towards moderate consumption in daily life. “I am an ambassador and represent the company and our brands before our customers and partners, always moderating my consumption. So I’m personally responsible and select the right product for every occasion”.


I choose 0,0 and non-alcoholic beer options if I’m going to drive or take part in risky activities. “I analyse the consumption moment in which I find myself and select non-alcoholic options from the portfolio when necessary”.


I extend this commitment to moderate consumption to the people around me. “I make these principles of moderate beer consumption known to the people I work with (team, customers, distributors and suppliers), as well as to my family and social group, in order to set an example”.