Our commitment


We support culture, gastronomy and sports

We want to be part of our consumers’ moments of enjoyment, and we support, through our own initiatives, collaborations and sponsorship arrangements, our country’s gastronomy, culture and sports. Last year, this commitment amounted to €32.8 million.

We value the Spanish on-trade sector and its gastronomy

We work hand in hand with our on-trade customers to promote their growth. In 2018 alone, we dedicated €73.3 million to strengthening their businesses through a variety of initiatives, many of them linked to promotion of Spanish gastronomy, which is celebrated worldwide for its excellent quality.

Along these lines, we collaborate with various organisations to continue professionalising the sector and lending our support to the dissemination and visibility of our country’s cuisine. In 2018, we signed agreements with 13 associations related to promotion of gastronomy.

In addition to participating in different events like Madrid Fusión and Salón de Gourmets, we organised, in collaboration with our brands, our own must-attend events for lovers of good food and beer. “Madrid Urban Food” with Mahou, “San Miguel Food Explorers” with San Miguel, and “Bocados Especiales” with Alhambra, delighted their attendees. In 2018, we held nearly 50 initiatives in cities all over Spain, among which we can highlight our famous “Rutas de la Tapa” and our support to local gastronomy through awards, such as the “Canary Islands Gastronomy Awards”.


We Live for Culture and Music

In 2018, we supported the promotion of activities in the areas of music and culture to the tune of nearly €9 million, offering citizens a wide array of leisure options and promoting talent of both recognised and emerging artists in different disciplines.

Through initiatives like “Vibra Mahou”, “San Miguel Music Explorers” and “Granada Distrito Sonoro” and our presence at large festivals like Mad Cool, we offered consumers experiences with the best live music, bringing a large number of artists to cities across the country.

Art is another territory in which we have remained active. Last year, we renewed our participation in ARCOmadrid through our Solán de Cabras and Alhambra brands, which we used to promote sustainability and emerging talents in art.

We also collaborated with leading institutions, such as the Prado Museum and the Guggenheim, and we are patrons of the Atapuerca Foundation.

We Promote Sports and Well-being

Our commitment to sports and healthy living have been a constant since our beginnings. That’s why we encourage responsible consumption of our products and participate in the creation and promotion of sporting events in different disciplines like soccer, basketball, yoga and running, at both the professional and amateur level.

In 2018, we sponsored a total of 23 first- and second-division soccer clubs and introduced San Miguel squarely into the world of eSports, a pioneering move in the brewing sector. We also collaborated with the Granada Basketball Club Foundation, which promotes the practice and development of this sport in the province.

For its part, Solán de Cabras, within the framework of its collaboration with the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC), launched “Corre por ellas”, an initiative carried out with fitness centres in Madrid and Barcelona in which the kilometres run by participants generated a donation of an equal number of minutes of psychological support via telephone for patients and family members. Our water brand, in addition, collaborated again with the “Carrera de la Mujer” which attracted over 37,000 participants in its 2018 edition.