Results for the main indicators

Economic and business 2017 2018
Turnover €1,262.2 million€1,298.6 million
Main investments €91.1 million€119.8 million
Sales volume 16.6 million hectolitres18.3 million hectolitres*
Leadership share in Spain
34% 34%
Support to the on-trade sector €69 million€73.3 million
Acquisitions 40% Avery Brewing 75.15% of Aguas del Valle de la Orotova
Production of Spanish beer consumed worldwide 70% 70%
International presence of Solán de Cabras 30 countries 35 countries
Company MERCO Ranking 15th place, being the beverage company with the best reputation in Spain 15th place, being the beverage company with the best reputation in Spain
Investment in innovation €20.6 million€25.4 million
Major investments Barrel cellar in Alovera (€2.8 million investment)Spain’s first Brewhub in Córdoba (€11 million investment)

* This amount includes the sales volume of the affiliated companies Founders Brewing and Avery Brewing.

Quality of our products

ISO9001, FSSC, ISO 22000 certifications. PRG-Q01_02 Complaint Management Procedure.

Our aim is to continue passing the audits we are subject to with flying colours.

Transparency and corporate governance

We have nearly thirty policies focused on establishing ethical and transparent processes in four major blocks: Business, Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Risks.

To date, no complaints of violation of human rights have been received.



€2.9 million
€4.1 million (2017)

% savings in water
1.92% (2017)

% savings in energy
5.20% (2017)

Waste 0
(2017 and 2018)