We are mahou san miguel

Transparency and good governance

We have nearly thirty policies focused on establishing ethical and transparent processes in four major blocks: Business, Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Risks. In this way we ensure that our activities are carried out based on the principles of integrity and honesty that constitute our identity.

Code of Conduct

This establishes the guidelines, values and principles that must govern the conduct of the people in our organisation in their internal and external relationships, both in terms of labour activity and their relations with stakeholders and society in general.

It also expresses the principles of not employing minors, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, explicit rejection of forced or coerced labour, among others. A commitment shared by all Mahou San Miguel employees, as well as by our suppliers and customers.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We ensure that companies providing goods and services pursue their activities within the context of proven corporate social responsibility and business ethics. For this reason, we not only have a General Purchasing Policy but also a Supplier Code of Conduct. The General Purchasing Policy establishes, among others, the following basic principles:

  • Ensure transparency and non-discrimination by establishing a series honest and open professional standards.
  • Promote strict compliance with contract terms, laws in force, and applicable standards and procedures, particularly with respect to human rights, labour matters, occupational risk prevention, quality, food safety, and the environment.
  • Promote stable business relationships based on the highest quality standards, transparency, continuous improvement and mutual benefit, whilst pursuing activities aimed at innovation and development.

Ethics and Compliance Committee

In 2016, we created the Ethics and Compliance Committee with the following responsibilities, among others:

  • Develop and disseminate the content of the Irregularities Prevention and Regulatory Compliance Programme.
  • Control and monitor compliance with the General Policies, implementing rules, and especially, the law.
  • Identify company activities with a potential for criminal conduct.
  • Act as a reporting channel, manage internal investigations and propose application of disciplinary penalties.
  • Set up a system of integration and correlation between the Criminal and Reputational Risks Map of Mahou San Miguel and the controls and measures to be adopted to mitigate them.

Crime Prevention Plan

The Mahou San Miguel Board in 2018 approved the Crime Prevention Plan, which takes its place alongside the General Policies that fight corruption, bribery, and money laundering, among other matters. Additionally, we have a whistleblower channel through which any infraction of the General Policies or other internal rules can be reported to the Ethics Committee.

We are part of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Network for the UN Global Compact


And we are committed to:

  • Sustainable management of natural resources.
  • Equal opportunity and non-discrimination.
  • Defence of human rights.
  • Fighting business corruption.

All of these matters are reflected in our General Policies and Code of Conduct (which is published on our website and intranet), and any violation can be reported through the whistleblower channel operated by the Ethics and Compliance Committee. Any incident reported is analysed and the corresponding investigation is opened. To date, no complaints of human rights violations have been received.

Likewise, Mahou San Miguel is subject to European regulations based on compliance with the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organisation referring to, among other issues, non-violation of human rights and respect for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.